A part of the unit participated at the landing on Omaha Beach the June 6th 1944. The beach is divided in sectors named from west to east: Able, Backer, Charlie, Dog Green, Dog White, Dog Red, Easy Green, Easy Red, Fox White and Fox Green.

The 348th landed on the sector Easy Red and Fox Green. Some of men attacked the June 6th 1944 with the first wave in support of the 1st Infantry Division. Some others the same day with others waves. Unit was split in several team dispatched with others groups. Between the 6th to the 8th of June the entire of the unit got ashore.

Two men gave their life in this operation, named Albert Soto 6th of June and the 8th Russell Everard were lost. Albert has his grave in the Normandy Cemetery of Colleville-sur-Mer. The body of Russell is unidentified or lost through the countryside, it is because he has no grave but just his name is on the wall behind the main monument in the Cemetery.

Complementary, men of the 210th Military Police Company were in charge to control the strict access to the beach and also to check who had a permission to pass out of the limit.

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