Training in the USA

Training in the USA

Early in 1943 the construction and the training of the 348th began in Camp Young, California. 3 companies composed the unit plus Head and Service to help at the organization. They stayed in Camp Young for six months. Main program was basic training and construction of bed for hospital.

Moving by train the entire of the 348th moved to Fort Pierce, Florida to follow an amphibious training with the Navy for six months.

They moved by train again to Camp Pickett, Virginia, to follow hand to hand combat training and street fighting. Training at the construction of Bailey bridges and conditioning by long hikes was the most things learned. At this time the troop was ready to go oversea.

Ultimate stop in the USA was at Camp Miles Standish, Massachusetts to pick up some men from replacement depot at Falls River, Massachusetts. After a last training at the camp, around end of October they moved by train to cross the border of Canada direction to Halifax.

To cross Atlantic to England they boarded to the ship Mauretania. After 6 days they got Liverpool in England. Fortunately no U-Boat were able to shoot on them.

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