Training in UK

Training in UK.

November 9, 1943 arriving in Liverpool England. Around 1500 men disembarked of the Mauritania. The 348th moved to Swansea by truck.
They spent time during the winter 1943 -1944 in Swansea. Each night truck was sent to take men in theater and bars. At 11 p.m. truck picked troops up from town to camp situated at 2 miles. Local population do not appreciate “Yanks” because some English men organized as a gang fought sometimes with US troops.

After nine months of training the 348th was ready to attack Hitler’s troops in France.

To prepare the invasion they packed up and moved to Weymouth. In this place they boarded LST (Landing Ship Tanks).

Last recommendation was to take care of each other member of the unit like brothers.

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